Seeing Justice Being Done

"Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done.” ~ Lord Hewart

The UK Supreme Court has recently taken another step towards modern life and youth mentality of ‘everything now and all the time’.

You may or may not be aware that the Supreme Court has a YouTube channel but it has only shown summaries of its judgments. Since October 2014 there has been an existing live streaming service, which has been used by about 15,000 people each month, which was effectively a ‘have to be there’ service, for those who had the time to ‘be there’, which was limiting.

What was missing from the YouTube Channel is how the Court arrived at these summaries, what techniques in communication and non-verbal communication were the advocates using to persuade the Judges that sat before them?

Well, as of the 5th May 2015 we get to see the law through a live streaming service, but most importantly for perpetual legal learners, we get to see esteemed and well respected Advocates in action whenever we want. In my younger years as a student and or trainee, it meant booking a day’s holiday to trek down to London, getting searched and researched by the Ushers whilst uttering silent prayers that I did not find a way to humility myself in the presence of legal gods when I visited the higher Courts.

Now, in the comfort of one’s home, train, car or bed we can review and ‘steal’ great tips and tricks to use for ourselves, which must therefore mean that with this tool we can all become greater advocates.

But, how real is this reality? You may recall that Google has made real efforts to provide digital 360 degree tours of the Louvre, with the highlight being the Mona Lisa, a novel idea but somewhat distancing. Despite the legal ‘iPlayer’ being an ‘informative tool’, as described by Lord Neuberger, it does not give you a sense of the splendor of these Courts nor the quality of the brains cells and firing synapses that pace the corridors. So I would still say that if and when lawyers have the time, a visit to soak in the greatness by osmosis is well worth it, but in the meantime distance ‘learning’ can’t hurt.

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