Driving home for Christmas

It’s the eve before Christmas Eve, and work is in full swing in the run up to the end of the day. This means final catch up calls with clients to wrap up matters over the next few days when the office is closed, and making sure we’re all set for a running start in January. It also means a lot of well-wishing and cheery sentiment on the phone and throughout the department!

Tonight, I will be getting in my car and making the long journey south to spend the festive season with my family, and it is with a feeling of satisfaction that I close out 2014 and my first four months at Woodfines; it is also with a sense of excitement that I anticipate getting back into the thick of it come January.

A night of 'bonding' and merriment

We have been incredibly busy – more so than usual – these last few weeks, and everyone is ready for some well-earned time off with their loved ones, but in the December rush we have also been in very high spirits. This is exemplified best by the grand success that was the Woodfines Christmas Party, when all four offices came together for a night of hearty food, tricky quiz questions and a (if I say so myself) brilliant James Bond-themed pantomime put on by the six first and second-year trainees. By the end of the night, everyone present was vying for the loudest verse in our very own Woodfines rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and that has left an imprint in my memory that will stay with me long into the future. 

Firm values in action

So, it is with a feeling of satisfied joy that I sign off today. December has been intense but it has also been thoroughly rewarding, and has stood out for me in my relatively short time here as an example of the values of the firm: work of the highest quality, friendly and caring colleagues, a culture of pitching in together as one, and, above all, great clients whose season’s greetings give the job that extra boost of satisfaction.

Looking forward to 2015

So this is it for 2014; a wonderful year and a promising herald for the next. Bring on 2015, but until then I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!