Game of Life

Football’s a game of two halves. We’re reminded of this blindingly obvious fact every Saturday during the football season, and every day during the recent World Cup. Caution is abandoned in the second half to make up for the mind numbing possession-play of the first. Suddenly, a team finds the passion and hunger to score as if their next sports car depends on it.

It’s not dissimilar to a midlife crisis. The first half is conventional, usually involving mortgaging your soul to a bank or employer, or both, and acting as an unpaid taxi driver to your children. But what of the second half? You may be lucky enough to be awarded extra time, but eventually that final whistle will blow and there is no penalty shoot-out in life. Shuffling towards retirement? Not for 50-year-old Ian Penfold. He spent £26,000 hiring a concert hall in London so that he could play with his amateur band in front of a large crowd. He strutted his stuff and became a hell-raiser for the evening. Good on him! It’ll be something to share with his grandchildren. That’s a trophy worth winning.