The magic of a seat in the Private Client department

I am now halfway through my first seat. Doesn’t time fly?! There is never a dull moment; I’m always kept on my feet as every day seems to bring something new - a new client, a new part of proceedings, a new learning curve.

An evolving legal landscape

Whether it be tax planning, wills and probate, trusts, the administration of estates or deputyship applications, Private Client is an area of law that is constantly evolving. Key examples are the recent changes that have been made to England and Wales’ rules of succession. The need for change was initially highlighted by the Law Commission’s recent report into intestacy and family provision claims on death. The modifications which followed are an ambitious attempt to make it easier to distribute estates in which someone dies without leaving a Will, as well as to recognise the need to accommodate modern families in such a situation.

These changes are just one example that show how important it is for a solicitor to stay up to date by keeping an eye on news headlines, law society articles, and attending webinars in order to provide the best and most up to date advice.

The importance of face to face contact

One of the most attractive aspects of the Private Client department is the degree of interaction you are able to have with clients. So far I have been told jokes, learnt about recent holidays and even been taught a magic trick! This social interaction ensures the process remains more human. Our reliance on technology may be an efficient and quick form of communication, but it lacks the emotion and meaning of face to face conversation and one can easily forget that we are dealing with real people with real problems. Receiving a thank you note after closing a matter serves as a reminder as to how much the personal touch is appreciated.

Exceeding expectations

Maintaining a high face to face presence is one of Woodfines' key values. Throughout the last few weeks, the trainees have been encouraged to venture out to promote the firm. This week I have attended a careers event at Anglia Ruskin University, an excellent chance to provide advice and guidance to law students about to enter a challenging part of their professional lives - landing their first training contract. It is safe to say that my experience so far as a trainee has exceeded all expectations, so it is a nice to help others achieve a similar opportunity.