The many roles of a trainee solicitor

While we all look to the new year, new clients, new cases and for some new seats, it seems appropriate to think about the not too distant past and in particular the Woodfines’ Christmas party. For the first time in four years, Woodfines held a firm wide Christmas party. The party was a great success and fun was had by all, but a dubious honour did fall upon the trainees, something which the careers’ advisor and University probably didn’t advised you on - we were responsible for organising a pantomime performance as part of the entertainment.

Do my legs look good in this?

Think back to those long hours filling in application forms and perfecting your CV. Under skills, did you ever consider putting ‘wearing a pink tutu’? Under work experience did you ever write, ‘One of the three bears’? Or in the section marked qualifications did you put composition and choreography, grade A? Probably not. But these were things that would have been useful to us this Christmas as we wrote, organised and performed, for the staff at Woodfines, Goldfinger and the Three Bears (the party theme was James Bond).

Invaluable life skills learned on the job

Putting the jokes aside however, if you think about it the skills we needed as trainees to put on a successful performance are not very far from the same skills that your careers advisors discuss with you at University. We had to organise meetings on Skype and in person around our various work commitments, spread across three different offices, share the workload and make sure we had all the required equipment. These are the skills we use every day as trainees. Organisation, communication and time management, even if we don’t need to be wearing a pink tutu when we are doing them at work!

Method in the madness!

The performance was great and we all enjoyed it. But even then, it was not time to relax. As the trainee responsible for organising the coaches I had spent time before the party ringing for quotes, booking the company that offered the best value, making sure payment cleared in time, and on the night I was in constant communication with the drivers ensuring that everyone could get home from the party successfully. There are plenty of different roles, tasks and jobs that will be assigned to you during your training contract at Woodfines and they all offer an opportunity to enhance and demonstrate the skills you have however obscure and removed from law they seem at the time.

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