My final post as a trainee

I am now just weeks away from qualification! Obviously, I am very excited about this but also have a tiny bit of apprehension at losing my “trainee” security blanket… I think I may replace it with a “newly qualified” cloak (Superwoman style)! I will be staying in the Private Client department that I have been in for my final seat, so my day to day work is unlikely to change much. I am sure that I will still be asking my supervisor lots of questions each day and I will still be asking them to check my work, until time and experience gives me the confidence to know that it is right.

What I have after 2 years of being a trainee is more experience and therefore a little more confidence. I have learnt to supress that feeling of panic and think rationally about where to look for the answer or who to call if appropriate. I have met clients, been to court, held conferences with Counsel, done research, taken witness statements, attended marketing events, changed departments, etc, all at least once.

My last 2 years has taught me that being a good solicitor is not just about knowing the law, but knowing how to deal with your clients, being able to listen and talk to them in a manner that is suitable to each client. Private Client work means that we deal with such a wide variety of people of all ages. Some clients will already know something of the law and will be armed with many expectations and demands, whilst others will need you to gently guide them through an unknown process from start to finish. It is meeting the clients and the wide variety of work that follows which makes this job so interesting. I look forward to the many more clients I will meet as I continue as a qualified solicitor.  

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