National Minimum Wage Consultation Opens

A consultation has been launched by the Low Pay Commission (LPC) to review the National Minimum Wage Rates that should apply from October 2015.

At present, the National Minimum Wage Rate ranges from £6.31 per hour for adults aged 21 and over, to £2.68 per hour for apprentices.

The purpose of the consultation is to consider whether any increases can be afforded to the National Minimum Wage rates.

The LPC will base their recommendations on the state of the economy, employment and unemployment figures and any relevant policy changes.

In particular, the LPC will consider whether any changes should be made to the structure, level and rate for an apprentice. They will also review the current and future position of the National Minimum Wage with a view to increase the rates where possible.

The consultation is expected to run until 26th September 2014.

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