Out with the old, in with the new

Spring is on the way, Lent has started, and it’s a time of change all round.

Only two weeks to go now until the trainee Seat rotation when the other trainees and I will be welcomed into our allocated departments and we will have the opportunity to work with new colleagues, help new clients and work on (for some of us at least) new areas of law over the next six months.

Busy, but hugely rewarding experiences

Just like that, half a year has flown by. It’s an odd feeling in a way to move on after what feels like so short a spell; on the one hand, it’s always difficult saying goodbye to the familiar, especially when I have recently found myself feeling well and truly at home in the Crime & Regulatory department. On the other, a change of department and office brings with it a whole fresh set of experiences, challenges, and memories for the future.

Mike and the whole team, not to mention the rest of the Milton Keynes office, have all been incredibly welcoming and supportive during my time here. I’ve found that a combination of an open plan office environment and droves of new and existing work coming in since Christmas creates a team who are always keen to wade in and help out on any matter.

Over the last six months, the level of client work I have been given responsibility for and the opportunities for me to make a real contribution to the work we do means I leave the first Seat of my Training Contract with fond memories and a newfound soft spot for Criminal Law. I’m certain that Alice, who will take my place the next few weeks, will hit the ground running and fit right in with the team in no time at all.

Next stop - litigation!

My next seat is with the Litigation team in the Firm’s Bedford office, and I’m looking forward to it as much as I know I’ll miss the team here. Litigation is another contentious seat and is also the practice area that’s probably most like Crime in terms of the nature and pace of the work that comes in, so I have no doubt I’ll take to it like a fish to water.

I should admit perhaps a little selfishly that another big upside for me is the fact that the Bedford office is literally a two minute jaunt from my apartment, so I can swap the muddy wheels and country roads for (slightly) later starts and brisk walks to work just as the weather starts to get better.

So what am I giving up for Lent? Well, I don’t really know. I suppose I could give up lazy feet-up Sundays, the odd TV marathon here and there, or certain foods I love too much like salami or cheese, but then if I’m already saying bye to the Crime & Regulatory team (for now), the Milton Keynes office and commutes in my car, then... I’d say that’s enough change for now.

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