Week One – How it’s going so far

So, it’s really here… the fabled “TC”; something akin to gold dust among law and GDL graduates in this day and age, and something I have been working towards for what feels like many, many moons. After a long (and relaxing) summer I am now commencing life as a trainee solicitor at Woodfines. This will be my first trainee blog post of many, and I’ll try to do the blog justice in my debut effort!

Week one involved a whistle stop tour of the firm’s four offices, numerous relaxed but informative training sessions and, best of all, lots of lunches! This was spread over the first three days and by Thursday I was at my desk ready to get started.

My first six-month seat as a trainee is in the Crime and Regulatory Department at the firm’s Milton Keynes office, where I am taking over from Helen Hemingway as the newest member of the team. If at any point in the run up to this was I nervous, I need not have been. My supervisor, Mike Hayward, has ensured that I get the most out of these next six months while still managing to keep me from feeling swamped! This struck me as all the more impressive in the light of the fact that he appears to be one of busiest people I have ever met. Val, one of the secretaries, and the rest of the team have welcomed me warmly and reassured me that I’ll enjoy my time in this seat. The Crime and Regulatory Department share their open plan office with members of the Family, Commercial, Litigation, Employment and Residential Conveyancing teams, so I’ve also had an opportunity to meet and get to know colleagues beyond my immediate bubble, which has helped me feel settled quickly.

The work that crosses my desk on a day-to-day basis varies and covers a broad range of areas from individual matters like common assault to licensing, issues affecting an entire group of haulage operators, and in my first five days here I have already found myself in Magistrates’ Courts in three different towns, a police custody suite, and in several client meetings at the office. While I have some experience in criminal-related fields, I have not previously had the opportunity to benefit from so much client exposure. It’s clear that this seat will be one of, if not the busiest, and I’m greatly looking forward to helping out a team who are clearly passionate about what they do.

It’s already clear that I’ll be taking away a lot from this first seat, and I’ll be sure to keep readers of the blog posted with updates on how it’s going.

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