Debt Recovery

We provide a comprehensive credit management service advising on all areas including:

  • Recovery of debts
  • Contract law
  • Terms and conditions of trade and trading arrangements
  • The making and termination of contracts for the supply of goods.

Our Debt Collection Package

Successful debt collection has a crucial role in ensuring business survival. When businesses have aged debts they need to collect them quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Woodfines offers a tailor-made commercial debt recovery service. Where your invoices are uncontested we offer a scale of fees based on the following stages:

  • For a fixed fee of £40 plus VAT, we will prepare a letter before action demanding payment.
  • Preparation of proceedings on a fixed fee basis according to the value of the debt.
  • Obtaining judgment where the debtor fails to respond to the claim or file a defence.

Click here for full details of our scale of debt recovery fees.

What Next?

If you would like to instruct Woodfines to recover an uncontested invoice debt please email or complete our debt recovery instruction form and return a copy to us by fax to 01908 202 150.

Please click here to access an electronic version of our debt recovery instruction form.

We can also provide advice expert on appropriate enforcement options to recover the debt once judgment is obtained.

Our commercial litigation team is highly experienced and available to meet all your litigation needs. For more complex disputes, we should be delighted to provide you with cost estimates on a case by case basis.

For more information about our debt recovery package or to discuss any other commercial debt recovery matters, please contact us by selecting one of the 'Contacts' to the right of this page.

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