Criminal Law

If you are involved in criminal proceedings, regardless of the seriousness, you are likely to feel anxious. It is important that you choose to be represented by people who understand every aspect of the criminal law process.

Woodfines has one of the strongest criminal departments in the region. Our criminal law team has experience dealing with all manner of criminal cases including:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter 
  • Fraud (including white collar, carousel, conveyancing and other fraud)
  • Terrorism
  • Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Sexual offences.

We are able to represent clients at all stages; from initial police station representation, through to Magistrates, Crown Court and Court of Appeal representation, and even representation in the European Court of Human Rights.

We specialise in representing professionals and have engaged in acting for those in the medical profession, dental industry, and also provided advice and assistance in accordance with the Clergy Disciplinary rules.

In 2002, we were involved in a case featured on the BBC documentary “Rough Justice”, of the successful appeal and acquittal, after re-trial, of a person wrongly convicted of murder. After many years of fighting the case for Barri White and Keith Hyatt, we are pleased to report the conviction of another individual.

Our team were also involved in a major prosecution of those involved in a national conspiracy to defraud members of the public and enforcement agencies in relation to the licensing of those operating heavy goods vehicles, as well as ‘Sarah’s Case’ of a woman jailed for falsely retracting rape allegations against her husband.

Our department’s representation also extends to business-related offences, including corporate gross negligence manslaughter, substantial trade mark infringements, prosecutions, copyright cases, health and safety law and all other criminal regulatory cases.

Our defence team have considerable experience, recognise the importance of your case and aim to provide continuity of representation throughout your case. Our rates will be explained at the outset together with an action plan of the investigation we will undertake to maximise your prospects of acquittal or reduced punishment. We recognise the importance of your case and need for you to have robust and compassionate representation.

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I would advise anybody to use Woodfines as they are very helpful and good at their job.
Brilliant service, care and understanding of my needs and situation.

Recent Cases

Solicitor Advoate, Michelle O'Garro, acted for a nurse facing disciplinary action by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. All cases are handled with empathy, whilst ensuring that they are presented with meticulous attention to detail, in a highly persuasive way.