Drink Driving

Drink driving offences can have serious consequences for your reputation and livelihood, as well as in the penalties that can occur as a result.

If you have been charged with any of the following offences, please get in touch to find out if we can provide specialist representation to support you:

  • Driving with excess alcohol
  • Being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle
  • Failing to provide a specimen for analysis

Our experienced team of expert lawyers are specialists in road traffic offences and will work with you on a private basis to establish whether you have a defence to the charge, or if the penalties could be reduced through mitigation.

Contact Us

For further information, please get in touch on transport@woodfines.co.uk, or telephone a member of our team on 01908 202150.

Mr Taylor-Allkins was stellar. His professionalism, expertise and court room demeanour was first rate! Please ensure all associates take a page from his lesson plan. I will recommend the firm solely based on his performance.

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