‘Secret Trial’ Causes Outrage

For the first time in British history, a trial is to be held in complete secret. The reason for the mystery is said to be reasons of national security, which, some may argue, is understandable. But the defendants' identities and details of the alleged crimes will also be withheld.

What we do know is that this is terrorism related. And that the 'secret trial' will be held at the Old Bailey in coming weeks. What we also know is that this move is considered to many in the legal profession and beyond, as a dangerous one.

Angry opposition has branded this move by senior judges and politicians as an attack on the 'fundamental principles of British Justice'. Others argue that whilst Great Britain prides itself on her fair and just legal system, allowing secret courts may set a dangerous precedent against open justice.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling stated that he was confident that this decision taken by senior members of the judiciary, shows they have done so 'in the interests of Justice'. Prosecutors claim the trial may not proceed should it be made public and that whilst they support open justice, this case is an exception.

Media organisations are appealing the Orders and a decision is expected within days.

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