Artist Shoots for the Stars, with Support from Woodfines

Bedford-born Alex Chinneck has once again defied the laws of gravity with his latest art installation, ‘A Bullet from a Shooting Star’, the landmark project in the 2015 London Design Festival.  It will be on display on the Greenwich Peninsula beginning 19th September, and will literally stand an electricity pylon on its head.

Alex Chinneck - Bullet from a Shooting Star

Alex is renowned for his illusory artwork, such as his melting house in Southwark and his floating building in Covent Garden. His projects always involve several parties and a significant amount of legal advice behind the scenes. In these instances, Alex turns to a trusted advisor, John Yatchisin of Woodfines Solicitors, for advice.

He said, “My new work for the London Design Festival involved several companies, parties and interests. As always, I had total confidence in the work of John Yatchisin and Woodfines. I regard John as an important consultant and collaborator who provides me with legal security and peace of mind, allowing me to focus on my creative responsibilities.”

John says, “It is great working with someone as talented as Alex, as his artwork is so creative. From a legal perspective, the work often results in interesting and occasionally unusual legal issues to be taken into consideration. We’re happy to remove this burden from Alex so he can concentrate on creating amazing artwork.”

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