Debt Recovery


Woodfines Solicitors can help if you are owed money from someone who is refusing to repay it to you. This could be:

  • Money owed in exchange for goods and services
  • Money tied up in property
  • Cash loaned to another person.

It may be that a written contract reflecting the transaction has not been honoured. We can help you to recover money in these circumstances. Even if no written agreement is in place, you may be able to recover money owed to you. Our experienced litigation team can review all the available evidence and advise you as to the prospects you have.

Alternatively, someone may be claiming money from you. If you have reason to believe they are not entitled to do so we have the expertise to advise you accordingly.

Many financial disputes can be settled before court proceedings are necessary. Our litigation team understands the stress and expense that can accompany court action and our principal advice will always aim to clarify the potential risks involved. We can discuss all funding options available to you and will provide honest, straightforward and pragmatic advice from the beginning of your case.

If you would like to discuss a financial related dispute, please do not hesitate to contact Claire Spencer in Bedford (01234 270600), Andrew Carter in  Milton Keynes  (01908 202150), or Chris Walke in Cambridge (01223 411421).