Notary Public

One of our Consultants, Brian Hall, is a Notary Public. He provides services in relation to the certification of documents for use in foreign jurisdictions. A Notary’s seal and signature is an internationally recognised and accepted confirmation of what is being dealt with in the transaction.

This usually involves some sort of certificate attached to existing documents but may include preparation of new documents, where these can be prepared in an English version which will be acceptable at its destination.

Typically, the documents to be certified are to facilitate a business transaction or deal with private matters such as the purchase of property abroad. Brian can help with the process and if necessary deal with any legalisation requirements. In some countries, it is necessary to obtain an apostille certificate from the Foreign Office and/or further certification from the relevant Embassy or consulate of the country concerned.

The essentials needed to conduct a transaction are the document themselves, the presence of all the parties who will sign them, and/or who will need to be identified, together with their passports and other evidence of their current residence.

To obtain details of the procedures and cost involved, please forward copies of the documents via email or in hard copy form marked for the attention of Brian Hall at:

Woodfines Solicitors
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Telephone: 01223 411421


Woodfines Solicitors
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You can also obtain further information and a contact form on the Notary website:

Recent Cases

  • Instructions by a Director of a large construction company in favour of a local representative to act on behalf of the Company in one of the United Arab Emirates. Checking that the person executing was a director of the Company and that the company number, and other details in the document, co-incided with the registration at Companies House. Attending the Companies office, seeing the director personally with identity confirmed by passport and address by reference to a utility bill and bank statement both dated within the last 3 months before the appointment.

    The matter had to be expedited and therefore forwarding to London agents with instructions to personally attend the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to obtain an apostille certificate (a specific requirement for the UAE) and thereafter production of the document at the UAE Embassy, obtaining the necessary confirmatory certificate from them and thereafter the agents forwarding the document direct to an agreed address in Dubai by International Courier.

    Turn around time within a week with fees all paid and the necessary confirmatory documents registered and kept permanently in notarial protocol file.

  • Attestation of parental consent affidavit given by a South African husband in favour of his wife to enable her to take their daughter, a minor, to South Africa. Completing the relevant parental consent affidavit as suggested by the South African legislation on the subject, the consenting parent and his wife both being in attendance and confirming the necessary details.

  • Certification of letter of reference on behalf of a teacher taking up a post in a college in Vietnam forwarding to London agents to obtain apostille certificate from Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the necessary embassy certificate. Arranging for duly completed and certificated documentation to be sent to relatives for onward transmission.