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PHVs and Hackney Carriages: The Consequences if Your Vehicle Classification is Not Correctly Recorded on Your Vehicle Log Book (“V5”)?

You may consider that details will be accurately recorded on such a document by the DVLA. However, if there is an error in the inputting of material, onto the V5, it will be transposed onto the Police National Computer (“PNC”). So why should this be an issue and in particular, why should it matter...

Bus Driver Who Had Been Instantly Dismissed For Failing a Random Drugs Test Wins Nearly £85,000 Unfair Dismissal Compensation

Alan Bailes had been employed by First Bristol Limited as a bus driver for 22 years. As with many other employers in the Transport sector, First Bristol carries out random drug and alcohol testing of its employees. Mr Bailes failed a saliva test, which picked up traces of cocaine. He was adamant...


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