Thank you for all your help and professionalism. If I ever need a solicitor again (which I hope will be a very long time from now), it will be your door I knock at!

Hannah was approachable, welcoming and friendly, but professional.  A true asset to your organisation.

Helping someone like me with no clue through the legal process [was your main strength]. Hannah set realistic targets and did everything she said she would do. She made everything clear and easy to understand.

Exceeded my expectations in every sense. 
The service I got was outstanding, reliable and easy. I was definitely in safe hands. 
Friendly & understanding. Willingness to take on and look after people. Explains in plain language what is happening. I felt fully informed at all times. 
A kind and friendly practice that puts people first at all times. Always making sure the individual feels in control by giving the feedback they need going forward.
Hannah dealt with our problem which was both upsetting and difficult at the time, with a high level of compassion and understanding, and secured a very satisfactory outcome for us.
The service you provided was excellent.  You could not have done more to help me. On the day of the court case Miss Young was there giving me all the support and encouragement she could.
Throughout our contact with Hannah there was an excellent sense of thorough professional support coupled with a comforting personal connection which was reassuring in terms of approachability and friendliness.
The entire staff has been wonderful to work with throughout their handling of my case. Keith Jones very effectively and economically represented my position against a very stubborn opposition while I was overseas. His unswerving defence of my point of view made it possible to wear down the opposition and for us to eventually prevail. In 2017 and 2018 Hannah Johnson continued tenacious representation of my case and brought a perspective to handling the property that more than doubled the actual amount of the eventual settlement. In the end this settlement was negotiated directly with the opposition and we did not need to go to court. This very beneficial settlement would not have happened without either her insight or her well balanced negotiating style.

I appreciate very much the initial help from Lynne Quarmby as well as the ongoing help from Sarah Craddock and Rachel Eagle and working with them and with everyone at Woodfines turned dealing with this legal matter into a process that has actually been enjoyable.