Superb - dealt with in professional manner but put in plain English
Trustworthy & puts things in simple terms but remaining professional to all parties Veena was superb 10/10

The completion of our recent house sale/purchase was the second time in twelve months that my family have used Woodfines.  Following the very successful, whilst complicated circumstances of my mother’s property sale at Oaklands in 2016, it was an easy choice to contact Veena in August this year when my wife and I needed somebody to guide us through our purchase at Fairfield Hall.

 Although we knew that Veena was usually specifically focused on commercial rather than private work, we were extremely pleased when she was able to agree to represent us.  In our experience, she combined the best legal support whilst maintaining a human outlook which meant that she was able to adapt to our particular preferences.  She inspired confidence and completely put us both (specifically my wife) at ease throughout what was a stressful period of time.

Veena and her assistant were very helpful from the start. I never negotiated a lease previously and relied on the help of Veena to ensure I was doing the right thing. 

She advised me at every stage where we were on the lease and although it was slow going due to the landlord’s solicitor Veena always persisted. 

I would recommend her unreservedly and thank her for the professional service we received from her.