Consumer Law

Consumer law disputes

Contractual Disputes

There are two ways in which you may become involved in a contractual (whether written or unwritten) or financial dispute:

You are owed money as a result of:

  • Providing goods and services
  • Making a loan to another person or business.

Another person claims money from you for goods or services for which you should not pay because:

  • The item or service was of an unsatisfactory standard
  • You did not receive the item or service within the terms of the contract.

As a first step, we will assess the risks involved, including costs, to determine whether it is worth your while to pursue or defend the matter.

We will then advise you of your legal rights considering all the evidence available, possible courses of action and remedies available to you.

We understand that court action is not only potentially expensive but also stressful. Bearing this in mind, we will discuss with you and explore ways of achieving a result without always going to court.

If you would like to discuss a financial related dispute, please do not hesitate to contact Hannah Young on 01234 270600 or by email at

Recently, we have helped clients with the following disputes:

Woodfines’ litigation team recently successfully recovered funds from one of the country’s leading insurance companies relating to policy proceeds subject to forfeiture.

The insurance company in question was refusing to pay proceeds under an insurance policy due to a forfeiture clause. We successfully challenged this decision and recovered funds for our client.