Divorce Solicitors: Supporting Your Path Forward

Navigating a divorce can be an emotionally charged journey with complex decisions and negotiations. At Woodfines, our team of expert divorce solicitors are here to support you through this challenging time, providing personalised advice and advocacy in all aspects of family law.


Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services to address the diverse needs of our clients during their separation journey:

  • Filing for Divorce

    We assist you through each step of the divorce process.

  • Negotiation

    We help you negotiate arrangements related to children, finances, and property to protect your best interests

  • Contact and shared residence

    We advocate for arrangements prioritising your children's welfare.

  • Legal Advice

    Our experienced divorce solicitors provide clear advice based on your unique circumstances.

  • Child and spousal support

    We protect your rights and financial security.

  • Property Division

    We help to distribute marital assets equitably.

  • Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Our team encourages amicable resolutions, minimising the stress of courtroom battles.

  • Divorce Proceedings Representation

    We represent you in court with determination and professionalism.

  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

    We help create robust agreements that provide security and clarity.

  • Annulment and Legal Separation

    We assist with legally ending or pausing your marriage.

  • Enforcement and Modification of Orders

    We help to enforce or change existing court orders.

  • Non-molestation and Occupation Orders

    We prioritise your safety and help secure necessary protections.

Our Approach

At Woodfines, we handle each case with sensitivity, professionalism, and compassion. Our approach combines expert legal advice with understanding, compassion, and dedication to achieving your best outcome. Our team of Resolution Accredited specialists in children and finance matters and public and private children’s law is committed to settling disputes through negotiation rather than confrontation, adhering to the best practice guidelines of Resolution, the Solicitors’ Family Law Association.

We aim to reach the best outcome for you and your family, minimising conflict and promoting effective communication. We prioritise a non-confrontational approach, favouring mediation and negotiation over court proceedings wherever possible.

We prioritise clear communication, explaining any complex legal terminology or processes related to your case in plain English. We also believe in transparency regarding costs; we’ll keep you informed about our progress and the likely cost of our work at all times.

Thank you Linda and Kerrie for all your firm helped me with. Thank u for the support you gave me in court and if I need any further help in further I will come back.
Everyone is so nice and co-operative. If you are looking for the family solicitor, that's the right place to go.

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Your Next step

The end of a marriage is difficult, but you don't have to face it alone. Let us help you navigate your way through this challenging time. Contact us today for a confidential conversation about how we can help you move forward. Our compassionate team is ready to provide the support and guidance you need.