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Buying or selling a home is one of life’s most significant decisions. With Woodfines, you can confidently navigate through this journey with expert guidance. Our team bring their rich experience, thorough understanding of property law, and meticulous attention to detail to every transaction, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process for you.

Our Approach

We understand that each property transaction is unique and has its own complexities. Therefore, we adopt a client first approach, tailoring our services to suit your needs and circumstances.

Our conveyancing process is transparent, with no hidden fees or surprise costs. From the outset, we provide a clear idea of the conveyancing fees, including our legal fees and other costs such as Land Registry fees and Stamp Duty Land Tax.

You’ll find us proactive, approachable, and available to answer all your questions.

CQS Accreditation

Our team is committed to delivering exceptional service, and we are regulated by the Solicitor’s Regulated Authority and in compliance with the standards set by the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS).

CQS is the mark of excellence for the home buying process and requires regular strict assessments and annual reviews.

Meet the team

Excellent service

Amy is so good. Very professional, always contactable and she kind of makes you feel like yours is the only purchase she is dealing with. I will definitely recommend her.

I’ve just used the services of Nic Dino from Woodfines to sell a property with fairly complex issues.

Not put off by this, Nic achieved everything that needed doing to get property to market without delay.

I’d highly recommend Nic, he is highly professional, communicates very well by phone and email, very knowledgeable in his field and made me feel at ease throughout the process. I didn’t feel stressed knowing Nic was in control.
Nicola did an excellent job selling my house in Cambridge. It was a long process, as we lost 2 buyers and we had to start from scratch twice.

Nicola was very responsive, replying to my emails the same day, and always keeping me in the loop regarding what was going on. The different delays in the process were caused by the buyer’s solicitors, but not by Woodfines.

Outstanding conveyancing service

My family have used Tony multiple times on straightforward and more complex domestic sale and purchases. He provides an excellent, personalised, all round service and is very responsive. Highly recommended. More expensive than a large scale, more automated, conveyancing outfit but definitely worth it particularly when the unexpected happens as it often does.

Lovely experience

From the receptionist, to the accountants department, everyone was welcoming and helpful.  Hazzra spent time explaining everything in full.

Wouldn't go anywhere else

I have bought, moved, and sold with Woodfines. My silly questions, forgetfulness, and general dizziness was never too much for them. Responses were quick, extra help was always given, and they always went an extra mile. Tina & Amy were amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a conveyancer?

    Engaging with a conveyancer is essential when dealing with property transactions. They manage all the legal aspects of a sale or purchase. Your conveyancer supports you throughout the process, answering questions and ensuring a smooth, trouble-free transaction.

  • What does a conveyancer do?

    A conveyancer manages the legal process of selling or buying a property. The exact nature of the tasks performed to support your transaction depends on whether you are selling or buying or both.


    On your sale, the conveyancer will agree the form of contract and transfer deed on your behalf, deal with enquiries raised by the buyer’s conveyancer, dealing with the redemption of your mortgage, and on completion, will ensure that the completion monies are collected from the buyer’s conveyancer and distributed as required.


    On your purchase, the conveyancer will agree the form of contract, transfer deed and any other relevant paperwork, they will investigate the title to the property to make sure it is acceptable to you and your mortgage lender and on completion, will ensure that the seller’s conveyancer received the money required so that you can pick up the keys to the property.  Post completion they will deal with formalities at HM Revenue and Customs and Land Registry.

  • What is a legal title deed?

    Title deeds are important legal documents that show the chain of ownership for land and property. They are the primary evidence of a property owner’s rights over their property.  Most titles to properties are electronically registered at Land Registry so can often be downloaded within minutes.

  • What do searches involve?

    Property searches are a crucial part of the purchase conveyancing process. They involve your conveyancer collaborating with local authorities and other agencies to gather more information about the property you’re about to purchase. For instance, they will offer information about access rights, flood risks, and other potential issues that could impact your ownership.

  • What are enquiries?

    Enquiries are questions raised by the conveyancer acting for the buyer during a property transaction. These enquiries help clarify any potential legal issues that may affect the property, ensuring all aspects are understood before proceeding.

  • What is the exchange and completion?

    The exchange of contracts is a pivotal point in the property transaction process where the buyer and seller are legally committed to the sale of the property and a completion date is fixed. Following this, the completion phase occurs, where the remaining money is transferred, and the buyer receives the keys to their new home on the pre agreed completion date.

  • Do you need a conveyancer or a solicitor?

    Yes, hiring a conveyancer or a solicitor for your property transaction is strongly recommended. They ensure that all legal aspects are handled accurately, and will help you understand any associated costs or risks, providing you with peace of mind during what can be a complex process.


    You conveyancer may hold a recognised qualification such as a solicitor, licensed conveyancer or legal executive but not every conveyancer holds such a qualification.

  • What is the average cost of a conveyancing solicitor?

    The cost of a conveyancing solicitor can vary depending on the complexity of the transaction. At Woodfines, we provide a clear, upfront breakdown of all costs associated with your property transaction, ensuring no hidden surprises.

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